Storing Deadbaits

Pike fishing roach deadbaits

Welcome to this informative article that will guide you through my essential strategy for effectively storing deadbaits. Whether you’re a seasoned pike angler looking to optimize your bait preservation methods or a beginner eager to learn, this article provides valuable insights and practical tips to ensure your deadbaits remain in prime condition, ready to attract the elusive predators you’re targeting. 

Proper bait storage can make a significant difference in your fishing success, and we’re here to help you master this crucial aspect of predator fishing. Read on to discover the secrets of maintaining your deadbaits in top-notch form and save money by not wasting bait.

Blast Frozen Bait

If you’re an avid predator angler who loves pursuing Pike, Zander (Walleye), or Muskie you know how important it is to have your deadbaits in prime condition.  That is the reason I like to buy blast frozen deadbaits online for my fishing. Blast freezing rapidly lowers the temperature of food or other products to freezing levels. This extremely quick cooling method helps preserve the items’ quality and freshness by minimizing the formation of large ice crystals, which can damage cell structures.  Slow-frozen baits often end up soft and can come off the hook easier when casting.

When the baits get delivered, this is the ideal time to manage your bait. I know so many anglers who buy a pack of ten roach or sardines and will take them all with them.  They only end up using three or four of them and either chuck the rest in or refreeze them. The refrozen ones end up deteriorating and I would only use them if I was desperate.

On receiving my bait I always take the time to separate the frozen fish into sizes. Even though the fish are all frozen they can be prized apart with little damage. You can leave them out for five minutes they will be able to be separated. I categorize the sizes of baits into; four to five-inch and six to eight-inch fish.  I have found these are the best sizes for general predator fishing at the venues I fish. If you fish big waters and use bigger baits such as whole trout or mackerel just get a wider tube. The wider tube can store the small fish as well. You can also pair up baits if you wish or just seal single ones.

Storing deadbaits

I bought a reel of three-inch polythene plastic lay flat tubing from eBay to individually wrap each fish. Individual wrapping allows you to keep your baits organized and easily accessible. You can quickly grab the bait you need without rummaging through a jumble of loose baits. Extended Shelf Life: Properly wrapped and stored deadbaits can last longer, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run.

A roll of plastic packing tube

Heat sealer

I am lucky to have a small heat sealer from when I had my tackle company “Future Image”. We used this in the warehouse to package all types of products and is ideal for sealing up bait.  You can buy a new one off eBay for around £25 and is a worthwhile investment. They are very simple to use.  All you do is lay the tube on the sealer and press down for a second.

Plastic bag heat sealer

Take the tubing and cut it into lengths that are four inches longer than your bait.  Then seal one end of the tubing. I have a good habit of double-sealing my bags to prevent any chance of defrosted baits leaking into my cooler bag. Just make your first seal, then move the tubing a couple of millimetres and make a second seal.

Preparing your baits

Storing deadbaits in plastic tube bag

Alaways try squeeze out any excess air that may be trapped in the bag and seal it twice. Taking the excess air out just allows for more room in my freezer and is not critical.

Heat sealing a roach dead bait


You can see from the image below how your baits should look ready for the freezer. You can label or mark the wrappers with bait type, size, and date of preparation, making it easy to choose the right bait for the specific fishing conditions.  I do this because I also have sea baits stored in the same freezer.

storing deadbaits in bags

Storing deadbaits properly will make your life easier and get you better results.  As with most fishing, bait is a key ingredient to success and fresh bait usually gives you the edge.

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