Deep Soaked Fermented Chilli Hookbaits

Chilli Fishing Carp Hook Bait

Deep Soaked Fermented Chilli Hookbaits

Before we make some chilli hookbaits I will give you some information on the additive we are dealing with.

Most fermented chilli extract is made using Cayenne Chilli peppers. To put it into perspective a normal bell Red Pepper sits on the Scoville Scale or (hotness) at zero. The Jalapeno, the type you find served with Nachos and Mexican food is 8,000. The Cayenne is 30 to 40,000 but the hottest chilli known to man is the Carolina Reaper which at TWO MILLION on the Scoville scale would blow your head off.  If you want to know how hot cayenne peppers are then try some Tabasco sauce.  This will give you an idea of the type of heat it delivers.

Carp Fishing Chilli additive

Fermented Chilli extract is made by fermenting the chillies for 3 to 6 months.  This allows the chilli to gradually breakdown the nutrients, flavours and oleoresins (oils) within the Chilli.

Chilli has been a reliable additive of a lot of specialist anglers for years for all sorts of species. Because it is so versatile you can use it in particle baits, boilie mixes, and hookbaits.

How to make them

To add some kick to your baits you can try making some deep soaked fermented chilli bottom baits yourself.

You can buy Fermented Chilli Extract online or at a good tackle shop. I have included a link below. It will set you back around £7.99 for a 250ml bottle. I tend to keep it in my bait fridge to keep it in good condition.

Fermented Chilli Extract Bait Fishing

Because it can be a bit messy I tend to prepare the baits in a resealable bag.  Take around 30 boilies of your choice and place them in a bag.  Pour around 3 or 4 capfuls of the chilli extract into the bag. Shake, making sure all the boilies are well covered.  Leave them for an hour and then add another capful of chilli.

Leave the baits for a couple of days and then give them a gentle shake to make sure none of them baits have dry spots.  Add another capful.  Leave the baits for a couple of weeks making sure you move them around every few days.

Boilie with chilli

You can see if they are ready by breaking one in half and seeing how deep the extract has penetrated.

The longer you leave them the longer they will last and will be more effective.  I have baits still soaking after two years.

 The easiest way to store them is in an empty tub,  the type your pop ups come in.

The baits shown in the image above were SSP All Season 18mm boilies soaked three weeks prior to my trip to France. All of my 14 fish all fell to my chilli soaked boilies.

eBay Link for Chilli Extract