How To Pimp Up Your Sea Hooks

Sea Fishing Hooks and Beads

Anglers have been adding all types beads to their sea hook traces for decades. Here are a few of my most successful patterns that have caught me a lot of fish. All the examples in the images show 4mm beads with a Kamasan Size 1 B940

1. Silver Fish

One of my favourite patterns to use when fish are feeding on small fish and fry.  The silver beads act like a bait fish while the coloured heads add some extra attraction.  Add as many or as few beads as you want. 

Beads on Sea Hook Trace



2. White Grubs

This simple pattern is great when it’s hard.  Just enough attraction for inquisitive fish. Great for winkling out bites when the fish are not playing ball. Try using one of each colour to see what they prefer.

Sea Fishing Hooks with beads



3. Classic Red & Whites

The combination or red and white colours has long been a favourite with lure manufacturers and anglers.  Some of the biggest fish fall to this devastating pattern. 


4. Eyeballs

Eyeball add a realistic feature to you beads attraction.  An “Eyeball” bead is placed nearest to your sea hook and you can add as many silver beads as you require.  Use up to 15 to resemble small sandeels. 

Sea Fishing Hooks with beads


Plaice, Flounder, Brill & Turbot Laces

Flatties just cannot resist colour.  Look at other anglers Plaice or Flounder rigs and you will find everyone has their own “go to” patterns.  

Flounder, Brill and turbot Sea Hooks


Top Tip

Make you own eyes with a permanent marker. to add extra attraction to your sea hook.  The ones shown are 4mm beads but if you want big eyes use 8mm.  The permutations are endless.

Fishing Hooks and Beads



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